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#SHA2017: Creative Writing Workshop for Hackers

By Barbara Wimmer on 11. August 2017 0 Comments

Let’s hack words! Together with crime novel author Klaudia Zotzmann at the „Still Hacking Anyway“ (SHA2017) camp in Zeewolde, Netherlands – we were doing a creative writing workshop for hackers. When we asked the question who was actually a writer, we had a few hands going up in the air. Then one participant asked: „Does code count as well?“ And suddenly we had up all hands in the air.

Within our workshop, we did not write any code, but instead we did some free writing. „Freewriting“ is practiced by numerous writers and journalists, for example, when they have writing blockades. Creative writing, in which thoughts are put on paper without thinking about it, helps to get back into the writing flow. Nearly all of our participants were writing with pen & paper, and all of them were actually writing!

After our workshops we saw their eyes shine and their faces gleam. So many happy faces! It was a wonderful experience. And so much fun fun fun. <3 We are still waiting for the stream to be up, as soon as it is ready, I will share it with you.

Directly after our workshop we recorded the latest issue of Klaudias podcast about creative writing. You can download the MP3 here. We did talk in German though. Hope you’ll enjoy!


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