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DJing „the other way“

By Barbara Wimmer on 25. Mai 2017 1 Comment

As many of you know, I was DJing on a regular basis since 1998. I played at huge festivals with up to 4000 people dancing to my beats, and small club venues with 100 people that were freaking out even more than the 4000 – 🙂 – all over the world (mainly Europe, but my gigs brought me to Cape Town and Johannesburg in South Africa, St. Petersburg and Moscow in Russia or Seattle in the USA as well).

The way I selected music at all these events was the same: I searched for tunes that I could mix together pretty fluently and without a break. Well, that is the suppposed to be the „art“ of DJing, creating something new. I always (besides being a music producer as well) thought of myself as an artist while DJing. My skill was to mix electronic beats tightly and react to the crowd. (Mixes of my activities can be found at Play.Fm)

Wikimedia Hackathon Vienna 2017-05-20 Party at Arena 05

Wikimedia Hackathon Party @ Arena
Well, last weekend I changed that attitude for the first time in my life at a public performance. I played a DJ-Set at the Wikimedia Hackathon in Vienna at ARENA last Saturday and I made breaks between the tunes! And I selected the music differently. I still reacted to the crowd and changed my playlist when I saw that this kind of stuff did not work out well, but I played tunes that are absolutely UNMIXABLE. That had different reasons: Not all music I played was electronic dance music, I played some Jazz, Rock and other stuff inbetween.

I broke my own principle of „mixing fluently is a must“. And you know what? It felt good. I loved it when people reacted to the music that came from my heart. And, to be honest, Drum&Bass – the music I played for more than 15 years – is still in my heart, but I love other styles as well. Why should I as a DJ not share that stuff with a selected, nerdy crowd? Damn, I did it. And I would do it again.

Because a lot of people asked me to name certain tunes, I did re-construct my DJ-Set and put together the Playlist. Here you go:

Wikimedia Hackathon Party in Vienna on May 20th, 2017:
DJ Shroombab_Wikimedia-Hackathon-Party-Playlist_(Booklet)
DJ_Shroombab_-_Wikimedia-Hackathon-Party-Playlist as a PDF

  1. tshrinivasan sagt:

    We enjoyed a lot on the party. The music made us to dance, non-stop.

    Thanks for the collections and sharing them.

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